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Erin Mills Mitsubishi is your Winter Tires Source in Mississauga and Ontario | Winter Tires, Rims and TPMS Sensor Deals in Ontario

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Winter tires work in perfect harmony with All Wheel Drive or front wheel drive Mitsubishi cars and SUV's and provide excellent traction on ice and snow.


With your factory all seasons, you may be able to accelerate your vehicle on snowy flat pavement, but what happens when you need to make an emergency stop or you need to climb on a severe incline? All season tires just won't cut it when you need the max out of your tires in Ontario, especially around the snowbelt.


The winter tires we have in store represent a great leap in winter traction technology. They are designed to cut through the watery film on ice that causes micro-hydroplaning. Their tread features absorptive carbon flakes and resin-coated shelled microbubbles. The tread designs have been optimized to offer better grip during acceleration, cornering and braking in the worst winter weather, including slush and snow and ice. Wear and road noise are also minimized too, giving you the drive you'd expect from your Mitsubishi this winter.


Erin Mills Mitsubishi Has Winter Tires For Your Outlander, Lancer, Mirage and RVR in Mississauga


Our winter tires are designated as such, only after passing the American Society for Testing and Materials evaluation procedures, while earning a traction rating of 110 or higher on snow. Our Erin Mills Mitsubishi winter tires prominently feature on their sidewall the advanced "Snowflake on Mountain Symbol" and not the regular M+S (Mud and Snow) symbol, as shown on all season tires. This means that the Erin Mills Mitsubishi winter tires are built for severe winter service in Ontario.



We are now offering the Erin Mills Winter Tire Package for our Outlander, Lancer, Mirage and RVR customers.


Our offer consists of a set of 4 winter tires, balanced, mounted and fitted, with tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors where available, for only $954.00 up to $1,299.00. The offer is valid while stocks last!

Erin Mills Mitsubishi in Mississauga won't let you down. With our good quality winter tires your ride will be smooth during this winter.


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