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Service Specials - Premium Detailing Services

Service Specials | Mississauga Car Services

Now is the ideal time for really cleaning up your car. By really cleaning it up we mean employing a detailing professional and not just a DIY shampoo run down at the corner gas store.


We understand that you might not be able to spend more than a ½ hour for your regular weekly/semi-monthly car wash, but at least once a year you should spend some time on TLC for your favourite vehicle.


Our Erin Mills Mitsubishi Service Special is a $99.95 Detailing Service Special that includes:


Service Specials | Mississauga Car Services

The most important post-winter issue that can affect your vehicle is road salt. Salt is regularly sprayed on Toronto and Ontario roads to melt snow and ice. It helps to reveal the actual road underneath, and therefore reintroduce traction to your wheels. The same goes for the pavement. If you've ever had a pair of leather shoes destroyed in a couple of seasons, imagine what can happen to metal. Regular steam cleaning and undercarriage cleaning when temperatures allow can help deter the consequences of road salt.


Road salt gets moved by your wheels and the other vehicles on the road to places that we don't want it to go, like your vehicle underbody, the various wheel sensors and brake systems, and on other out-of-sight car surfaces. Salt mixed with grime and other pollutants, can also find its way inside the car, via your shoes and the elements. It can seep onto other metal surfaces from the inside and cause additional issues, not only on the mechanical side, but also on the fit & finish side.


Salt from the oceans is another issue, so if you live near the Atlantic, you really need to take care of your car. If you ignore the salt that circulates in the atmosphere, cosmetic and re-spraying repairs will be your most often needed car care.


Dust is also another pollutant that can install itself into your car interior. Should dust get past your MItsubishi Pollen Filter, or worse, should that filter be dirty or absent from your car, dust can settle inside your car permanently. This could be causing you to sneeze regularly or even cause your allergies to pick up again. Contact us to order your Mitsubishi cabin air filter.


Come down to Erin Mills Mitsubishi and see how we can transform your car after its summer torments, and help you prepare and disinfect it for your winter travels.